Who We Are

Our History

Turistika is a family business publishing house. Of course, this is nothing special, since most small businesses in Slovenia are family owned, and most of the company consists of family members. Turistika was founded by Mira and Matjaz Chvatal on 19 March 1997. They still manage the company


Turistika is a specialized publishing company. From the very beginning, the publishing house was aimed towards tourist literature, which clearly dominates by the publishing program. It is almost entirely dedicated to the presentation of Slovenia and its natural and cultural historical values.

In Our Store

The content of the Books of the Turistika is a collection of information from various fields of expertise, complementing each other in such a way as to present the regions and areas as fully as possible.

Our books are intended for anyone who wants to explore and discover the attractions and sights of Slovenia. In some books and guides, only the main and most important points are presented, while in others the places are presented so detailed that even the locals in them find many things and information that they have not known so far.

Our Team

Mira Chvatal

It ensures that the products of the publishing house get to the shelves as soon as possible and is on the phone and listens to the wishes of the customers. An eternal optimist and is most pleased if you are satisfied with the publisher’s relationship and products.

Matjaz Chvatal

Makes sure there’s always something new available. He is creative and never runs out of ideas and plans for the future. He is also a good organizer and is patient in solving the challenges presented by the work. Sometimes he goes headlong through the wall, but it does carry the ideas to the end.

Bussiness Strategy

→ Translations
Books are translated into a number of languages. They are intended for foreigners who visit Slovenia for the first time and also for more demanding guests who are not satisfied just with basic information and want to know more.

→ Shipping worldwide
The normal delivery time of 5 to 30 days, we will prepare your ordered products and send them to your address.

→ Read your E-books on tablets or i-pads

→ E-book text is searchable

→ Solving the complaints
The bill that will be sent to you by e-mail, will contain all the information about the return policy of the goods, how to contact us in the event of a delay in delivery and where you can contact us in case of other complaints.

→ 15 days money back guarantee

→ Warranty
The buyer is entitled to return the purchased goods within 15 days of receipt without any compensation. Money will be returned to his account.