Gregor’s fair on Happy Mountain

Gregor’s fair on Happy Mountain

Gregor’s Saturday is in the name of Gregor’s fair at Happy Mountain (Vesela Gora at Šentrupert – Slovenia). The traditional spring Gregor Fair, has more than 200 years of tradition, offers everything you need for spring tasks. Every year on Gregor’s Saturday, the Sentrupert Beekeepers, the domestic society of rural women and girls, the henchmen, reedgers, dry-bugs, potters, blacksmiths and other craftsmen present their work here. You can buy hand tools, domestic seeds, seedlings, milk and honey, and even homemade meat products!

As I mentioned before, the Gregorian Fair takes place every year on Gregor’s Saturday. Sellers come at Vesela Gora already at night. At the first light, the first visitors are already there. The biggest crowd is between 9:00 and 12:00. Then the crowd quickly dilutes. At 2 o’clock in the afternoon, most of the booths are already closed. Only the inn restaurant on the castle yard is active. Sometimes, the castle kitchen is a real Dolenjska pušlšenk. For a better understanding: in the Primorska region, a smoky pušlšenk is called osmica (eight). Even in Dolenjska, the pušlšenk originates from the same time as the eighth. Here too, farmers had 8 days a year to sell their wine and crops.

Gregor’s Fair on Vesela Gora

If you are going to visit Vesela gora and Barb’s manor, you should try Lojzet’s white wine, which is available on the Veselogorski pušlšenk … if you want it some other time … tell Janez in Barb’s manor, to “arrange” it for you.

Barb’s mansion on Vesela Gora was built in 1768 for the needs of the prosperous priests and wealthy pilgrims. After the abolition of pilgrimages, it moved into the possession of the Barbo family in 1825, and after the Second World War, it was nationalized.

Clash of two knights and reception on Vesela Gora

A permanent exhibition “Living History” is on display in Barb’s manor house on Vesela Gora. Members of the Klati Knight Society take visitors through an extremely interesting setting, where you can see the regional office, the castle print shop, the costume room, the coats of arms of the Slovenian historical landscapes, the art gallery with paves and the knight’s armory with armor and swords.

The most interesting thing is the armory, as visitors can put their hands and even test medieval weapons and wear real knightly armor. The most courageous and hot-blooded ones also challenge each other in real battles … To the first blood …

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