The Ruins Of The Castle Slemenice
The Ruins Of The Castle Slemenice


Slovenian writer Josip Jurčič (1844-1881) is the author of the story about Jurij Kozjak, a Slovenian janitor. In his story, Jurčič describes the landscape surrounding his Muljava. Particularly abundant and comprehensive are the descriptions of the castles.

The ruins of Castle Kozjek are easy to find. It is plotted on all maps. That’s completely different with the Castle Slemenica. Under this name, it can not be found anywhere.

Kravjek Castle in 1679
(Janez Vajkard Valvasor – Topographia Ducatus Carnioliae modernae)

Three years ago I started looking for it. I found all the castles in the vicinity of Muljava, all the ruins and even those, of which there was nothing left. But … there was no Slemenica among them.

It turned out that I was driving one gray winter day towards Žužemberk. In Muljava, I saw a sign “Slemenice”. With not much thinking, I just turned left and found myself in front of the inn. Inside the bar, I then asked the old local, if he knows where the Slemenica is. I’ve asked so many people, but I did not get an answer. The old man then exclamated at once: “Of course I know where they are. It is the ruin of Kravljak”

So, I found the ruins of the castle Slemence. This is the first castle I found in the inn. In fact, I found Slemenice three years ago. It was then that I took these photos. They are the remains of a former important castle.

The Ruins Of The Castle Slemenice

Location of the ruins

They lay the top of the Kravjek hill above the settlement Leščevje pri Muljavi. The Kravjek castle was named Weineck in German. In the first mention of the castle in 1243, it was in possession of family Spanheim. It belonged to one of the most important provincial districts of medieval castles on our soil. The remains of the ruins are barely visible.

Manor Kravjek
It stood under the castle hill, at the hamlet of Leščevje. I was looking for it too. The locals showed me the exact location. However, there was nothing left of the castle.

Access to the ruins
Walking from hamlet Leščevje through unmarked paths.

I did not try it myself, although it’s very logical to see which hill you need to climb.
I chose more comfortable variant and drove a few kilometers around and up to Vrha, from there to the nearby Male Vrhe, and just before them I turned and drove along a beautiful narrow asphalt road down towards the solitary farm Roja. The ruins are then only 200m away, accessible by the asphalt road that has replaced old gravel road.

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